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Our Client Centric Process

Our Client Centric Advisory Approach  We believe that the client MUST always come first and that understanding the uniqueness of each relationship is vital to the process. Not only is investing a marathon, but sometimes the “relationship process” can also be a marathon. We will constantly be gathering information as our relationship develops and you progress through your financial life stages.

Focus on Transparency and Reducing Conflicts of Interest  We believe that the trust placed in us to manage our client’s wealth should never be taken lightly. Communication, transparency and honesty are the pillars of an ongoing successful client relationship.

Personalized Investment Strategy/Active Portfolio Management – The financial services industry is fraught with advisors using broad-based passive investments and charging a fee without regard to the client’s investment goals and risk tolerance while never evaluating the product’s suitability and efficacy. We at GWM we believe that as investment managers, we MUST: 

  • Carefully develop and manage an asset allocation with a broad, macro view of the markets understanding the effect of monetary policy, inflation, unemployment, political and geopolitical risks, and currency risks
  • Employ a disciplined long-term perspective, tailored to each client’s specific risk profile.
  • Stay broadly diversified across and within asset classes that work to maximize return relative to each client’s level of risk.
  • Constantly vet existing and emerging investment vehicles for their efficacy. Mutual fund managers may change, strategies may be revised, and the better mousetrap may emerge. We’re responsible for the best way to implement our investment strategies.
Are You A Fit? Schedule Your Free Consultation to Find Out

Are You A Fit? Schedule Your Free Consultation to Find Out

On your free consultation we can provide you with:

  • Initial Portfolio review
  • Basic financial plan
  • General suggestions for portfolio planning
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